fabrice dubuy

Ui - Ux Designer

Hello there,

I'm Fabrice.

(please, call me fab...)

I'm a designer from paris, france.

I have a degree in industrial design
and a passion for human-technology interactions


  • Ui & Ux designer

    I work as a Ui designer on the next generation of dashboard HMI in the automotive industry, at PSA Peugeot Citröen. My degree and experience as an industrial designer is a great asset to apprehend the Ux field as a whole. My skill-set and personal interests are enriching my practice of Ux centered product development, making me a team oriented designer, with solid communication skills and a good aptitude to keep an eye on the overall of a project.

  • FabLab Maker

    If I'm not at work, chances are you'll find me at the largest fablab in Paris, assembling a prototype or trying a new manufacturing machine. Water cutting, laser engraving, milling or woodworking are among the activities I spend my free time doing.

  • Photographer

    Photography is obviously an incredibly powerfull tool for a designer, but to me, it's also a vivid passion. My camera follows me on all my travels, at every design event, and everytime I'm riding my bike around the city. I would describe myself as an opportunistic photographer.

  • Others

    I'm genuinly curious about many creative and manufacturing fields. Making a website, working with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, cooking a new recipy or improving my bike are among the things I would be glad to share with you.

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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Alwin Toffler


Organized in 3 sections

    My job as a designer in a french studio led me to participate actively in various parojects and product development. From a small to a massive scale, using many tools and technologies, meeting inspiring people all around the world.

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  • Ui/Ux DESIGN

    A quick overview of my practice around the Ux field. Wire frames, scenarios, prototypes, proof of concept, Ui design and so on...

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    I've been interested in the world of electronic devices for a long time. My love of books made me particularly curoious about the future of the e-reading devices.

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fablab work

manufacturing small series of objects
experimenting around woodwork & LED

& stuff

I'm working on a small scale,
high-end, hand made
lights manufacturing business.

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I moonlight
as a photographer...

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