fabrice DUBUY

Ui designer

with Ux skills


Hello there,
I'm fabrice.

(Please, call me fab...)

I'm a designer
living & working
in Paris, France.

graduated in industrial design
passionate by human-machine interactions
in love with handcraft & woodwork
daily bike commuter
greedy reader


  • Ui & Ux designer

    I work as a Ui/Ux designer on vehicule HMI in the automotive industry, at PSA Peugeot Citröen. Our goal is to create really distinct experiences for the 5 brands (Peugeot, Citroën, DS automobile, Opel & Vauxhall) and the various kinds of vehicules we are working on. The HMIs in the automotive industry has to reach the highest standards in ergonomics, while providing a confortable and pleasant experience to the driver, as well as the passengers. We rely on a modular technology, numerous people with different skills and expertise, as well as a complex and efficient process for managing and creating the graphic assets needed in the HMIs. I am in charge of this process, to make sure the graphic assets we design and produce meet the expectations of all the experts in all the company's departments.

  • FabLab Maker

    When I'm out of work, you have strong chances to find me in the largest fablab in Paris, designing, prototyping or manufacturing something. I always carry a little black notebook with me, fullfilled with ideas and projects. I'm especially interested in woodworking, more specificaly for making furniture or lamps. I am currently working on a project of a small online shop where the customer could order highly configurable objects which will be made in very small quantities (possibly a unique piece). I admire the freedom and possibilities offerd to the designers and craftmen by the internet. I would like to explore the various ways to enjoy making things, keep learning new skills everyday and make a living out of it. The new development of fablabs and online shops is a thrilling new territory for designers.

  • Digital enthousiast

    Photography is not only a useful skill for a designer to highlight his work, it's also a powerful means of communication, and learning how to become a competent photographer teaches you how to become a better designer as well. I try to keep my DSLR nearby all the time, for a professionnal shooting or just a bike ride around Paris. The internet is moving at a fast pace, the new trends and tools for creating website and online shops are constantly offering more adaptable designs. I'm working to stay connected to these online new trends and to try to anticipate the future of Ui and Ux. The relation between humans and the world of physical objects is constantly evolving, the growth and progress of Ai and connected objects will shape a hole new world with more natural and intuitive interactions.

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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Alwin Toffler

Here's my work

Organized in 3 sections

    From my work as a designer in a studio in Lyon, to my actual researches around the creation of an online shop for higly configurable hand-made objects.

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  • Ui/Ux DESIGN

    A quick overview of design exercices and researches around Ui and Ux. For more informations on my current work and field of expertise, get in touch !

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    I've been interested in the world of electronic devices for a long time. My love of books made me particularly curoious about the future of the e-reading devices.

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“learning woodwork
crafting small objects
building furniture
experimenting with tools

I've been an enthousiastic member of the biggest parisian fablab fo over a year now. I love experimenting with the machines, designing and making prototypes and furniture for my apartment. I'm espacially working on woodwork projects and laser cutting & engraving machines.

I love to meet craftmen and designers working to set up small businesses around their passions. The exchange we have in the fablab are always very rewarding, either for the ideas and good practices, or just for the pleasure to see people succed and the inspiration you get from that.

I'm thinking about starting a small business with an online shop where customers could parameter small objects and framed art, with a high level of personnalization, and I would build the project and ship the result. I am currently working on improving the process of creation, this website will be updated soon with news and a first version of the shop.



i moonlight
as a photographer

Street scenes

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