who am i

HMI Designer


Visual Design

Production Coordinator

at PSA peugeot Citroën

about me

I graduated in industrial design, with multiple experiences in the design field, from architecture to graphic design. I kept a lot of skills from my industrial design tuition, like a strong will to make stuff with my hands, and a natural habit to think like a user in my HMI work process.

I spent most of my life in France, from the countryside where I grew up, to the city of Lyon where I studied, and now in Paris where I live and work. I've also spent some time in Canada, in Montréal and Toronto, and I'm still in love with those two very different cities.

If I'm not riding my bike around Paris, you can probably find me at the fablab or at the nearest hardware store trying to find the exact set of screws and bolts I need for my upcoming project. Or I could be cooking or reading calmly on my couch...

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Ui & Ux design in the automotive industry

I'm currently working for a major car manufacturer, which includes five brands (Peugeot, Citroën, DS, with Opel and Vauxhall currently being merged to the group) sold all over the world. PSA is dedicated to design a strong identity for each brand, and the HMI design is a key element of this strategy.

PSA Brands & Experiences

Captioned Image

DS7 Crossback

charismatic design
pixel perfect alignement
light & shadows
Captioned Image

Peugeot 3008 (2018)

elegant design
floating elements
straight lines
Captioned Image

Citroën C5 Aircross

feel good design
colourfull themes
flat design

The automotive industry is moving forward a revolution with the autonomous vehicules being developped. The upcoming generation of high-end vehicules will already take full controle on the highways, providing a completely new experience for the driver and the passengers. The car is slowly becoming an extention of our home, a moving room where we can enjoy various activities while we travel safely to our destination.

As an HMI designer, it's a thrilling place to be.

Where am I in the Ux team

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I'm working on a daily basis with both Ui and front-end teams. In a fast-paced environment, building a complex HMI with many deliveries and deadlines to handle, my role is to facilitate the communication between people who are not necessarly speaking the same language.
As the coordinator of the graphical assets production process (largly automated, always evolving...), I get in touch with the Content Strategy experts, and the interaction team in order to solve a problem or make sure the HMI will meet the expectations.

What do I do ?

Ui Team
Dev Team
As the interface between visual design and front-end developers, I'm used to speak both languages and solve the problems occuring in a fast paced working environment. My daily work involves the managing and the evaluation of the graphic assets production process, as well as the controle of the images before the deliveries to the suppliers. My responsability is to controle the main caracteristics of the assets (size, color, name, location etc...), but also the quality (pixel perfect is the expectation) and the respect of the production process.

I'm the link between graphic designers & integration teams, at every steps of the development and production.

Additionnal tasks


I'm connected to the many experts of the driving assistance systems.

I'm the last step before integration and delivery to the supplier, which means that everything leaving my desk must be produced to be easily understood and used by the customer. To make sure the team meets with the highest standards, I'm connected to the various experts of the many features and driving assistance systems you can find in a modern high-end vehicule. My work is to check if the HMI properly explain the features, and to meet the experts if an improvement needs to be done.

3008 i Cockpit

piano keys
full tactile strategy
digital, matrix & LCD clusters

A modern automobile is a very complexe technological object. At PSA, everything is made to facilitate the interactions between the driver and the vehicule. The tactile screen is a very important part of the strategy behind the Peugeot i cockpit.


Citroën C3

vary the experiences
enjoy your time aboard
everything you need

Creating different experiences for each brands, and also to various vehicules within each brands, is a complex task. It requires strong organisation skills as well as efficiency in the graphic assets production process, and of course a keane eye to match with the highest quality expectations.

strong points

After a few years working in various environments, in the industrial design or Ux field, in France and Canada, as a member of a small team in a creative studio or in a large department of a multi-billions company, I'm definitly able to see where my strong points are. I've been integrated in already built teams, and I've been involved in the difficult task to build a team for a specific challenge, and I've been driving people to reach goals and build projects internationally.

Pixel perfect


In my work, pixel perfect is the norme. Even in a fast paced environnement with massive quantities of graphic assets in the production process.

ability to see

the big picture

I'm able to understand the context of the Ui, how the smallest detail must be aligned with the global strategy of the vehicule, as well as the hole brand.

Always running

the extra mile

I'm aiming at the highest quality, even for the most remote part of the Ui, even if (almost) no one will see the result, it always matters to me.


Software & it

photoworks 360
html & CSS
jira issue tracking SW
Proficent in Mac OS & Windows

Additional skills

3D printing

As an enthousiastic fablab attendee, I'm interested in 3D printing, mostly to design and create assembly parts for the various projects I'm working on...


I've been practicing photography for about a decade, on a canon DSLR. I'm using photography as a tool for my work, but also for leisure and when I'm traveling.

Laser & water cutting

I'm using a laser cutting and engraving machine almost every week to build furniture and decorate the various project I have on going. I've also useda few times the water cutting machine to cut aluminium pieces and a few elements for my friends projects.

Website building

I designed this website myself, using a pre-created tamplate with bootstrap to make it responsive. A little HTML and CSS can still go a long way :)

Solid oral & presentation skills

I've been trained to present my work very often during my studies, and then in the professionnal world. I'm used to summerize ideas, and use the best tools to make my presentation exciting and persuasives.

Work history

2015 - today
HMI designer
PSA Peugeot Citroën DS Opel Vauxhall
Paris, France.
2014 - 2015
Industrial designer
Studio Pitaya
Lyon, France.
2012 - 2013
Shop clerck, customer care
Zone maison stores
Montréal, Canada.


DSAA Industrial design
Lyon, France.
1 year study, Nationale School of Fine Art
Lyon, France.
BTS industrial design
Moulins, France.