fabrice DUBUY

HMI designer

with Ux skills


Hello there,
I'm fabrice.

(Please, call me fab...)

I'm a designer
living & working
in Paris, France.

graduated in industrial design
passionate by human-machine interactions
in love with handcraft & woodwork
daily bike commuter
greedy reader
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I'm working on autonomous vehicles

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Here's my work

    Learn more about my work as a designer in a Studio in Lyon, and on my work to make and sell wooden objects in small series. go check it out !
  • Ui/Ux DESIGN
    A quick overview of design exercices and researches around Ui and Ux.
    For more informations on my current work and field of expertise, get in touch ! go check it out !
    I've been interested in the world of electronic devices for a long time.
    My love of books made me particularly curoious about the future of the e-reading devices. go check it out !

I moonlight
as a photographer

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