Providing Ukraine with the Necessary Support for a Resolution to Conflict

The war in Ukraine has been raging for over a year now, and it appears that the only path to a resolution is a Ukrainian victory. To this end, the West must provide Ukraine with the necessary military, financial, and humanitarian aid to help them secure their objectives. The United States has already provided Ukraine with night vision goggles, munitions, and armor, including Abrams tanks.[0] Long-range weapons from the United States, like the Army Tactical Missile System, will also help the Ukrainian military present a greater risk to Russia as Moscow considers new counteroffensives.[1]

The United States is the largest contributor to Ukraine, providing more than $29.8 billion in military aid and $51.2 billion in commitments in total between Jan. 24, 2022 and February 2023.[2] The West must continue to provide the necessary support to help Ukraine capitalize on successful counter-offensives by boosting and accelerating the supply of heavy weapons, long-range strike systems, and air and missile defense.

It is important to remember why Ukraine wanted to join NATO in the first place.[3] It was a way to avoid war, providing an added layer of security to a nation that has seen its fair share of conflict. Most Ukrainians still expect their country to join NATO and the European Union in the next decade.[3]

It is clear that the West must continue to provide Ukraine with the necessary support to achieve their objectives and secure their future. This includes providing Ukraine with the military, financial, and humanitarian assistance they need to succeed. Although the war has been raging for over a year now, the West must remain steadfast in its commitment to helping Ukraine find a resolution to the conflict and ensure its freedom and security in the long run.[4]

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