Ukraine’s War for Survival: Western Support Needed for a Decisive Victory

The war in Ukraine has been raging for a year now, and the human cost of the conflict has been staggering.[0] Estimates put the number of Russian soldiers killed or wounded in the war at around 200,000, while Ukrainian forces have seen some 100,000 killed or wounded in action, with 30,000 civilian deaths.[1] Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere, and over 18 million people are in need of humanitarian aid.

The war has been met with steadfast support from the United States, despite some right-wing Republicans and left-wing Democrats suggesting that they should stop sending arms and force both sides to the peace table. This would essentially be a Ukrainian surrender, as the US has no leverage to bring Russia to the table.[2]

Despite the support from the US and other NATO allies, the fight is far from over. Russia has continued to target Ukraine's cities and infrastructure with missiles and drones, and is preparing for a spring offensive.[3] Ukraine is also expected to mount a counteroffensive in the coming weeks, but their chances of making a breakthrough have not dramatically improved due to lack of manpower and artillery in comparison to the Russian military.[4]

The only solution is a decisive Ukrainian victory with western help. However, the West is running low on weaponry to supply Ukraine and their arsenals are straining under the demands of the battlefield.[3] Putin has vowed to keep up his fight indefinitely and may soon have more help from a powerful ally, leaving Ukraine and the US to prepare for a conflict that may last many years.[5]

Ukraine is of significance to the West, as it offers a chance to showcase their determination to oppose the advances of the “authoritarian bloc” (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and their allies).[2] The US has provided Ukraine with increasingly sophisticated weaponry in an effort to keep the fight going, and the US Congress has remained steadfast in their support of the country.[6] Ultimately, the only way this war can be won is with a decisive Ukrainian victory, which will require continued support and assistance from the West.

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