US Secretary of State and Russian Foreign Minister Meet in New Delhi for High-Level Talks

NEW DELHI, India – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday (March 2) in New Delhi on the sidelines of the Group of 20 foreign ministers meeting, sources told WION.[0] This was the first time they had encountered one another since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.[1]

The brief contact marks a significant moment as high-level engagements between the United States and Russia have become exceedingly rare since the start of the war last February.[2] At a time when Washington and Moscow are experiencing some of the most intense tensions in decades, Blinken and Lavrov have convened a meeting.[2]

A senior US State Department official said Blinken used the discussion to make three points to Lavrov: that the United States would support Ukraine in the conflict for as long as it takes to bring the war to an end, that Russia should reverse its decision to suspend participation in the New START nuclear treaty and that Moscow should release detained American Paul Whelan.[0]

The official declined to describe Lavrov's response, but indicated that Blinken did not feel Russia would alter its actions in the near future.[3]

The official stated that Blinken has implored Russia to annul its determination to cease collaboration on the New START nuclear arms treaty and accept the American suggestion for liberating American national Paul Whelan.

Blinken urged Russia to undo its thoughtless decision and resume upholding the New START treaty, which enforces checkable restrictions on the nuclear weapons of the United States and the Russian Federation. Obeying the treaty is beneficial for both countries. It's also what people around the world anticipate from us as nuclear powers.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine has proposed a 10-point plan to terminate the war, however Moscow has been accused of refusing to participate in diplomatic talks.

At a press conference later on Thursday, Blinken declared that President Zelensky has proposed a 10 point plan for a lasting and fair peace, and that the United States is ready to help Ukraine with diplomatic efforts to terminate the conflict based on this plan.

“We must continue to call on Russia to end its war of aggression and withdraw from Ukraine for the sake of international peace and economic stability,” he added.[4]

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