White Nationalists Use Laser Projector to Spread Message of Hate

On a cool January evening, masked members of the white nationalist group National Socialist Florida used a laser projector in a downtown Jacksonville alley to display white nationalist and anti-LGBTQ images on the sides of high-rise buildings.[0] The group's leader, Josh Nunes, commented on the purpose of the display, saying “It's a good way to relate to normal people.”[0]

Nunes made the remark in reference to the manufactured hysteria over children and drag events stoked by politicians and pundits, which was spurred on by extremists like himself.[0] He also made a point to emphasize that such activism “definitely gets interest and recruitment up,” hinting at the group's agenda.[1]

It's clear that the members of National Socialist Florida are using their laser projector as a tool to spread their message of hate.[2] While their display may have been a form of activism for them, it is a stark reminder that white nationalists and other extremists groups still pose a threat to society. It is important for people to remain vigilant and be aware of the danger such groups pose.

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