furniture concept
snow & wood
work in progress

A thick layer of snow is covering a wooden chair of rustic inspiration. A dialogue starts between the immaculate snow with delicate curves and the wooden structure, raw and orthogonal. The wood knots and imperfections contrasts with the purity of the white layer slowly sculpted.
The snow, even figurative, gives life to a mixed feeling of attraction-repulsion. It evokes coldness and inconfort, but in the same time his delicate galbe is welcoming and let glimpse an enveloping chair.
The snow , perfect, soft, immaculate, enveloping and sculpted is covering a structure made of raw wood, orthogonal, rough and knotty. This armchair is made of two materials with opposite identities and meanings, the values they communicate seem to be antinomic but their cohabitation in a same objet interrogates on the link between the various kind of beauty and fonctionality.
everything is a dialogue between materials
general shape