quora ui concept

    one of my favorite website ever
    how to make it even better

If you don't know about Quora, you should fix that right away !
Quora is an question-and-answer website where fascinating questions got answered by smart people from all around the world.

go check it out !

I'm a greedy Quora reader.
And a pretty shy Quora writer.
As a daily user of Quora, I was curious to try to make it even better, for both readers and writers. Quora may seems like a simple application, but as you know, from a Ux point of view, the more simple means the hardest to design. It's always a great practice to go beyond your own use of an app, and try to anticipate the needs of the various other users.
Out of the Ui/Ux work, it was also a great opportunity to improve my skills on Sketch 3.

every problem should be downsized to a simple chart
quick draft for a prototype, ready to validate solutions...
defining the purpose of each part of the screen
what does the user expect to find on each post
in-depth view of each zone of the main screen
same goes for the bottom bar, with more behaviors
quick though of the other tools embedded in the application