Senators Push for Permanent Daylight Savings Time Adoption

U.S. Senators, including Senator Marco Rubio, are pushing for the permanent adoption of Daylight Saving Time (DST).[0] On Thursday, the Florida Republican reintroduced the Sunshine Protection Act, which would end the twice a year ritual of changing the clocks and make daylight saving time permanent, meaning it would be lighter at night.[1] The bill has widespread bipartisan and popular support, with many Senators already voicing their support. Florida U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan (R) also introduced a companion bill in the House.[0]

In March 2022, the Senate the Senate unanimously passed Rubio’s Sunshine Protection Act, but then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not put it forward for a House vote.[2] This year, Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. on the morning of March 12.

The bill would give states the right to choose between permanently adopting Daylight Saving Time or reverting to Standard Time.[3] Nineteen states have already enacted laws to prevent the changing of their clocks, with half of all states having done so.[3]

The Sunshine Protection Act, if enacted, would negate the need for Americans to change their clocks twice a year and could have benefits for the nation’s health and economy.[2] In an effort to combat a national energy crisis in late 1973, the U.S. attempted to make daylight saving time a permanent practice.[4] Initially, Americans held the plan in high regard, yet their enthusiasm quickly waned as parents voiced their concerns about potential traffic accidents and the wellbeing of their kids who were having to attend school prior to sunrise.[4] In the autumn of 1974, President Gerald Ford passed legislation that returned the U.S. to standard time for four months.[4]

On Tuesday, Oklahoma state senators passed Senate Bill 7, which would end the requirement for Oklahomans to reset their clocks twice annually.[5] The bill known as SB 7 is now under review by the House of Representatives.[3]

The Brookings Institution reported in 2015 that robberies decreased by 27 percent due to the longer hours of daylight.[1] Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has spoken in favor of the bill, saying, “It’s time to put a stop to the twice-a-year time-change madness.[6] Science and common sense show that more year-round daylight would improve our health, help kids spend a bit more time enjoying outdoor after school activities, and encourage folks to support local businesses while on a sunny stroll in their communities.[6]

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