Third Way Warns Against No Labels’ Presidential Ticket, Citing Risk of Trump Return

Prominent Democratic-backed think tank Third Way has sounded the alarm about the possibility of a third-party presidential ticket in 2024, warning it could cost Democrats the White House and open the door for a former President Donald Trump return.

The group sent a memo to Democratic groups, outlining the ways in which a third-party ticket would tank the Democrats’ chances of keeping the White House in 2024. The memo pointed out that third-party candidates typically do poorly in general elections and argued that No Labels, a political organization currently courting centrist lawmakers in both parties to create a “unity ticket,” wouldn’t have a large enough base of support to win.[0]

Third Way also argued that No Labels’s efforts to cast Biden and Trump as equally extreme is a “smokescreen” and that the group’s efforts to field a candidate will “make it far more likely — if not certain — that Donald Trump returns to the White House.”[1]

No Labels has responded to this criticism, tweeting Thursday night that “no one” with the organization has “any interest in fueling a spoiler effort.”[1] The group also stated that it has raised more than $46 million and has more than 400 volunteers seeking ballot access in several battleground states.[2]

Third Way’s Jim Kessler told Insider that the “No Labels” effort is “going to hurt Biden and help Trump.”[3] No Labels has yet to reveal who they will select to be their third-party ticket, however they intend to hold a nominating convention in April.[2] The group has vowed to compete for ballot access in at least 23 states and has already secured spots on the Colorado and Arizona ballots.[2]

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