Pentagon Investigates Leak of Classified Documents on US and NATO Involvement in Ukraine

The Pentagon is currently investigating the recent leak of classified documents that were posted on social media, which reportedly contain sensitive information about US and NATO involvement in Ukraine. The documents include “classified information on topics ranging from the mercenary Wagner Group's operations in Africa and Israel's pathways to providing lethal aid to Ukraine, to intelligence about the United Arab Emirates' ties to Russia and South Korean concerns about providing ammunition to the US for use in Ukraine,” a Pentagon spokesperson told various news outlets. The documents appear to have been modified to overstate the number of Ukrainians killed and understate the number of Russian deaths, raising concerns of a Kremlin-backed disinformation campaign.[0] At a time when Ukraine is gearing up to launch the spring offensive, the leak has become one of the most prominent instances of military intelligence breach since the Russian invasion in 2022.[1] The Department of Justice has opened an investigation into the leak, which could have significant implications for US and NATO support for Ukraine.[2]

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